My child doesn’t eat vegetables, what can i do?


It’s very important to keep in mind that kids’ taste buds are different from ours. To them vegetables might taste bitter and the texture is unusual; that is why it’s understandable that they aren’t interested in eating them on a regular basis. While explaining the benefits of eating vegetables to kids seems like a good idea, it usually turns us into convincing them to eat veggies, and they might think that we are forcing them to do so. Here you can find some tips on how to get your child into eating vegetables:

  1. Serve raw vegetables like carrots, cucumber, celery, or tomatoes with a dip like ranch, peanut butter, cream cheese, etc. The dip helps to mask the strong taste and the crunchy texture is better for most kids.
  2. Cook with your child, make sure they help you prepare the vegetables like tearing the lettuce, cutting the carrots or cucumbers, arrange the salad bowl, etc. This is fun for kids, and it’s an opportunity to share a special moment with them.
  3. Serve them in soups and sauces, you can even add noodles or rice to the recipe to make it tastier for your kids.
  4. Put vegetables between or on some type of bread. You can ask them to try a toast with avocado, tomato and cheese, or put some lettuce or spinach, tomato and cucumber in the sandwich that they eat for snack.
  5. Serve them in muffins or breads, you can add to a regular batter some corn, carrot, zucchini or spinach puree, they will enjoy the taste and texture. You can also give them as a dessert if you add banana or pumpkin and spices to the batter.

These are some simple ideas to help your children include more vegetables in their diet. Remember to keep meal and prep time fun, for you to succeed in the never-ending struggle of eating vegetables.