Upon joining APDE, parents, students, teachers and administrative personnel freely accept and commit to maintain our education model, which integrates the values of culture, social and spiritual relationships with openess to the transcendental sense of human existence, the unity of life and the Christian Catholic indentity in all of their activities.

Everyone is encouragement to receive human, social, and doctrinal formation, without imposing criteria where matters are debatable. Parents are encouraged to take part in parent enrichment seminars and conferences, which will strengthen their marriage and the education of their children throughout the different stages of their academic years.

Since the very foundation of APDE, the Christian Catholic orientation and spiritual formation has been entrusted to the Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

Students have periodical guidance counseling meetings complemented with parent interviews, in order to create a personalized education project at school and at home. This is where the personalized education basis becomes a reality.

In APDE's schools, our goal is to develop the ability of valuing each person's reality, situations and things, as well as the decision making and behavior coherence abilities in those who participate in school life.

When we bring into action all these things, cultural and sports activities are demonstrations of the students' potential development, according with their interests.

Parents, students, teachers and the administrative staff, by becoming part of APDE, freely accept and make a commitment to follow this educational model, which promotes cultural, social and spiritual values, with an open spirit to the transcendental meaning of human existence, unity of life and Christian identity in all activities.

We promote and give human, spiritual and doctrinal education for all, without imposing our criteria, as well as seminars and conferences for parents that help them in their children's education, in each stage of their development.

By APDE's request, spiritual attention has been entrusted to the Priests of the Opus Dei Prelature, an institution of the Catholic Church.

In our schools, the concept of discipline is carried out in an assertive manner and is intented to guide the practice of personal liberty of the students, so that they can responsibly assume their duties and the consequences of their decisions. An adequate atmosphere is encouraged to serve as a permanent stimulus in the formation of students, teachers and parents.

Discipline is understood as an integral part of the educational process in which the student leads his/her own personal improvement with the constant orientation of the teachers for the evolution of his/her personality.

Each teacher in our programs is an educator who knows the importance of knowledge acquisition and the development of aptitudes and virtues. His/her main job is to collaborate with parents and encouraged their students to do their best, helping them to be better people, capable of taking care of themselves and promoting a clear view of the most important truths of their lives.

In our schools, the coexistence and discipline concept is practiced in a positive way, with the objective of guiding the exercise of the students' personal freedom, so they are responsible for their obligations and for the consequences of their decisions. More than a set of rules and prohibitions, it promotes a favorable environment that gives permanent encouragement for students, teachers and parents spiritual education.

Coexistence is understood as an integrating part of the educational process, in which students are the main characters of their personal growth, developing their personality with the teachers' permanent guidance.

For this reason, teachers in APDE are educators, which means they are not only responsible for enriching knowledge, but also for efficiently contributing to each student's personality development.

Cultural and sporting activities also play an active role by providing students a channel to manifest their talents andinterests.